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Mark aka MRK is a freelance photographer that distinguishes himself through shooting original themes and concepts that consistently demand viewer engagement. What makes his work especially effective is his adaptability to a variety of environments, whether documenting a spontaneous assembly of activists marching the streets of San Francisco or capturing a red carpet event among celebrities in Los Angeles.

Mark’s charisma and talent allow him to build his network and provides an outlet for his creativity by meeting new fashion professionals to participate in his shoots. As a result, there is always a freshness and excitement to his finished product; it is unpredictable, sometimes raw, and always imaginative.

A native of Estonia, his current residence in San Francisco has served to inspire him, with its cultural holiday festivities and the diverse nature of its inhabitants. Mark is never low on creative fuel, and it travels with him as he makes his way to Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and beyond to cover every fashion event he can in his signature style.

Mark is an innovator that is a proactive observer of his environment, whether on a sidewalk in the Bay Area, a runway in NYC, or a beach in L.A. His photography is pure expression that is always evolving and redefining what it means to provoke emotion by a click of the shutter.

As he himself puts it, “My work as photographer is meant to be consumed as a total experience, not just captured objects. It is emotion visualized. Enjoy!”

By D. Bean   Chic Metropolitan Magazine

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